Heal Yourself so you can Be Fully You and  A Positive Force in the World!

I have committed myself to this and can help you do the same, and I am passionate about it!

Love and Unity Wellness is a small apothecary based practice in South Austin, with small batch organic and herbal based skin care, herbal medicine, and self care products.  These products are simple in design but powerful, and good for you and the planet with only non toxic, organic, and sustainable ingredients.

Functional Nutrition is at the cornerstone of health, and there are many options for in person consultations to help make the shift towards health and wellness!

Why Love and Unity?

In the act of seeking self care and healing, we are loving ourselves.  This journey is sometimes difficult and challenging, and finding the right support can be a huge factor in your healing journey.

We can shift towards the reality that everything is connected, that our actions affect everything around us, and that we are not alone.

We can connect with our heartspace and find the Love and Unity in our humanity that has been here all along.  We are not irrepairable.  We need not wait 'til after death to heal our wounds.  

We can start now.here.today. 

Please check out the offerings, and don't hesitate to Contact me for more information.