Heal Yourself so you can Be You and Change the World!

I have committed myself to this and can help you do the same, and I am passionate about it!

I Specialize in:

Families: Providing support to parents is what I do best!  As a mom of 3 myself, I have walked the path of prevention; dealing with infections; and recovery.  I utilize nutrient-dense diet; food sensitivity support; herbal remedies; homeopathic remedies; aromatherapy; and nutraceuticals (professional grade vitamins, minerals, and other supplements) to get you and yours feeling great. I have done additional training with Epidemic Answers to help get to the root cause of inflammatory issues.

**Note: my support and education is NOT replacement for medical care at all.  In fact, while working with me, I may tell you to go to your doctor if I think it's appropriate to seek medical care instead of consulting with me.  Please have a medical provider that you can see if your child gets sick!

Women: I love working with women in all ages and stages.  Women are affected by hormonal cycles, childbirth, fertility issues; stress-work-life balance, etc, and are seriously under represented in medical research/treatment.  I am particularly tuned in to Mamas, new and experienced.  Having walked the walk and struggled with all types of adjustments to Mamahood, and having come through with lots of support, education, and a career change, I can be your guide.  You do not have to do it alone.

Common reasons people come to see me:

  • Low Energy and Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Digestive woes
  • Chronic disease/imbalances
  • Fears of eating/cooking health-fully
  • Overwhelm of knowing/not knowing what herbs/supplements/superfoods to use

My clients report that they:

  • Have energy when they wake up!
  • Are feeling better than they have in years!
  • Are digesting, sleeping, eating, and relating BETTER!
  • Feel empowered to take the education and training that I've imparted to them to go forward in a positive way!

My tools:

Nutritional Therapy plus Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA): Optimizing your diet to give you more energy by eating in the right way just for you. This helps you to lose weight, balance hormones, and feel energized!!

Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences: Plant medicine is super bio-available, and I use only sustsainable and organic products. Big shifts can happen with simple remedies.  Many times it is the dosage that is key.

Nutraceuticals based upon customized protocols: Professional grade only to support diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Health Coaching + Love and Compassion:  This is my strength as I've been working with folks for years to make positive lifestyle changes.  This is often a missing link in healthcare.  I can help you find your "Why" and stick with it!

Why Love and Unity?

In the act of seeking self care and healing, we are loving ourselves.  This journey is sometimes difficult and challenging, and finding the right support can be a huge factor in your healing journey.

We can shift towards the reality that everything is connected, that our actions affect everything around us, and that we are not alone.

We can connect with our heartspace and find the Love and Unity in our humanity that has been here all along.  We are not irrepairable.  We need not wait 'til after death to heal our wounds.  

We can start now.here.today. 

Please check out the offerings, and don't hesitate to Contact me for more information.