Welcome to Love and Unity Wellness, the home of boutique crafted body care products using only the highest quality organic ingredients.  Simple. Elegant. Safe. Effective.

The fourth child of Jennifer Reinhart, this labor of love also includes the accumulation of her experiences and training thus far.  She also offers consultations, classes, and lifestyle medicine coaching, apothecary herbal medicine products, and customized orders for her clients.

She wears many hats: clinical herbalist (empowered healing through bioavailable and safe plant medicine), functional nutritional therapy practitioner (healing through nutrient dense dietary intervention and support), health and wellness coach (trained to help you create and reach your goals and your intentioned outcomes), teacher (giver of years worth of research and knowlege), and more.

Why Love and Unity?

In the act of seeking self care and healing, we are loving ourselves.  This act of bravery and courage, to heal what is holding us back and making us unwell, is often multi-faceted and rooted in our emotions, spirit, mind, and body.  

Sometimes merely making the decision to heal can bring about the desired outcome, in and of itself.  In making a subtle shift, we are telling ourselves it's time to heal another layer.  Sometimes the healing journey requires a significant change in order to live the life we desire.  This takes support, focus, and determination. 

Healing is a heroic act.  In healing ourselves, we heal others and the planet in a collective healing.  In healing, we are loving ourselves, and can then radiate that out to others.

When we are grounded in ourselves, fully aligned, we can connect to others with our heartspace and find the Love and Unity in our humanity that has been here all along.  This is the healing we are begging for right now in these times.  We are being asked to heal and make whole again.  We must rise and answer this call.

We can start now.here.today. 

Please check out the offerings, and don't hesitate to Contact me for more information on how to best serve you.