""I enjoyed learning from Jennifer and felt empowered to learn what was best for my body." -Austin, Tx

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With me on your team we will get to the root.

While all of my clients work with me for different reasons, here are some of the most common ones:

**My clients want a better way of being: knowing how to address their health concerns, having specific tools to address their health needs, with options on how to optimize their diets and lifestyles.

**Some have been told by their doctor to improve their diets/lifestyles to get the health results they want.

**They aren't sure where to begin. I provide education, pantry clean outs, and one on one cooking classes for those coaching clients that need a complete nutrition and lifestyle change.

**They've tried the random supplements, but without a solid plan or ongoing support they either stopped taking them or couldn't tell if they were working.

*I also specialize with families of children with sensitivities and special dietary needs.  I am a great resource for those with chronic conditions.  I love being able to provide resources/referrals for those with complex cases, looking outside the box to find a well-rounded approach. 

(See my Bio for my additional training in this area).

*****Nutrition is usually considered the cornerstone of chronic illnesses that are so common in our society today.  Some may need extra nutrients to support certain processes, and others are being exacerbated by foods that are not working for them. 

*Together: We will create a plan of action to get high quality nutrition into every meal so you have the building blocks to get the health results that you want. 

We work from the ground up.

*Together: We will look at underlying imbalances and correct them with nutrition, herbal support, and lifestyle choices so you can

Take Charge of Your Health

Let's Get Results!!

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Individual Sessions!!

1.  Nutritional Therapy Initial Consultation and Follow Up Session--225$

  • An initial wellness session to discuss your needs and concerns.  Paperwork must be filled out ahead of time, to be analyzed before your session, and discussed with you when you come in.  
  • 2-2/2 hours
  • I will collect pertinent information, review your food journals and other paperwork that you have filled out beforehand, and help you decide what you want to focus on. 
  • I will follow up after this session with recommendations, a protocol that we discuss, and an action plan! 

2. Individual Follow Up--75$

  • Follow up sessions after the initial consultation.  We will evaluate your plan and protocol, food journal and other paperwork, and discuss your needs, modifying your plan of action..
  • All sessions include a follow up email with a protocol and action plan. 45 - 60 minutes.

3. Individual Resource Session--75$--Refers to the following sessions:

  • 45 minutes long, individual session to discuss your needs and what resources would best suit you.  We will review your food journal, and a detailed case history.  
  • Education, resources, and an action plan will be sent to you afterwards.
  • This also refers to the Epidemic Answers coaching sessions.  See for more information.
  • Pantry Clean out: South Austin no fee; will add on a small travel fee if further.
  • Grocery Store Tour: South Austin no fee; will add on a small travel fee if further.

4. Herbal Medicine Specialty Consultations-- Contact me

  • Custom Flower Essence Blend-- 45$
  • Emotional support: Flower essences are similar to homeopathic medicine, in that they are an essence derived from a (here a flower) without the overt medicine being extracted (like a tincture or alcohol extract).
  • They work on the emotional body and typically bring into balance whatever emotion you are trying to correct. While I usually add them to products, see my Be Sweet Salve, or Open Heart Elixir, I also like to craft blends for targeted support.
  • Making flower essences is definitely tapping into the plant spirit world, where reverence and plant connection are a language one learns to speak when asking for their energetic medicines.
  • Once purchased, I will contact you with some questions to craft your blend. It's as simple as that!! You will recieve a Customized 2 oz. bottle with your purchase.  I use hand crafted flower essences and Bach flower essences in my blends.

  • Herbal Apothecary Session--75$
  • 45 minutes.
  • You have a specific need you would like to support with herbal medicine.  
  • You will fill out a mini-intake form ahead of time or in person to assess your needs.  This is shorter than my initial intake session.
  • I will make recommendations and a complimentary product is included in the session price. Recommendations for products sold elsewhere are also included in this session.

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