Love Notes

Love Notes

"I enjoyed learning from Jennifer and felt empowered to learn what was best for my body." -Austin, Tx.

"THANK you so much for being such a help to my mom.  I am eternally grateful to you and you have truly become our family's angel."-Austin, Tx.

"Thank you so much for the Kit (Nighttime Calming Rest), the girls loved it...we used it all the first night, but last night we forgot, and they couldn't sleep and were up late using the...(products)...clearly in one night they had noticed a difference.  Thank you so much!-Austin, Tx.

"Love and Unity Wellness products make amazing gifts for others...and for yourself! I am especially fond of the Open Heart Elixir which is so stress relieving and tastes delicious. Also worthy of note are the salt and sugar scrubs. I heartily recommend Love and Unity Wellness!" -Texas

"This tonic is beyond my hopes and dreams!"- Austin, Tx.

"** ___has had a rash the past few days and it hurts. I've tried every cream I can think of and the only one she can stand on her skin is your salve.  And it seems to be helping! Thank you!" - Virginia

"Hey! I gave some of your tea to my boss, and she said it was some of the best she has ever had!"          - Austin, Tx.