• Spring Dreams

    Spring Dreams

    Oh Spring, with your cool,

    wet, warm, Impossible buds!

    Rising from the mists


    Spring is the most exciting time of the year for most herbalists and gardeners, generally speaking.  The promise of the unknown, and the budding curiosity: what friends will I see this season?  When new plants pop up unexpectedly, demonstrating the miracle of the natural world it's like little miracles manifesting everywhere I look.  This brings forth my childlike curiosity and delight!  This exciting time has kept me busy, infusing fresh plant oils, all from the garden and wild herb sections of my property.  Elixirs, vinegars, glycerites, and tinctures, oh my!  

    I thought I'd have my Spring offerings ready to go come Spring Equinox, but it's taken me months to figure out what to offer. I had been processing and making my spring tonics, but deciding what "to put out there" was difficult.  I was originally focusing on the usual Spring offerings around and about, typical detox herbs and spring greens tonics... but that wasn't settling in.  As I took a big step back to get a feel for the bigger picture, as life unfolded in our community here and in the rest of the country, I started to understand why.

    As I put my finger on the pulse of our community after the school shooting in Florida, and local package bombs here in Austin, it was difficult.  Everything felt delicate, like a new bloom.  Delicate, like glass.  People were, and still are, frazzled, sensitive, angry, scared, and a little raw.  This energy was effecting me, and I felt really tired and drained.  As I felt into the situation, as the flowers started to bloom... my thoughts came to flower essences, and my heart beamed with excitement...the perfect offering for Spring. 

    Flower essences are geared for healing the emotions.  Similar to homeopathy in that they do not actually contain the physical medicine of the substance, here we are referring to flowers, but they contain energetic plant medicine.  (Dr. Edward Bach pioneered the modern approach of this medicine.) I also use drop dosages of flower tinctures like this also, very little actual medicine but enough that can nudge someone towards the healing and resolution of emotions.  I often infuse elixirs, tinctures, and skin care remedies with flower essences to enhance healing as emotional imbalances often underlie our health issues. 

    I knew this was the right direction as I gained more energy and momentum.  I started focusing on my all time favorite, Rose.  Rose symbolizes pure Love to me, soft and gentle, yet with strong boundaries and self care.  Rose demands respect and yet transmits this eternal adoration attracting both the childlike innocance and the deeply sensual.  Most of my self love and self care elixirs, sprays, and body care products contain a little bit of Rose in some form.  I was enjoying her blooms and soaking up her calming gentle healing balms.  

    My signature offering this spring is my Rose Elixir, and yes, it tastes as sweet as the rose smells. Infused with fresh early spring roses, flower essences, and more, it is a gentle reminder to love yourself and others.  To soak up everything that spring offers us: the chance to begin again, to heal, stand in gentle strength and bring in a world of possibilities into our lives.

    These challenging social and cultural times we are living in are asking us to heal, the look inward, to change.  Instead of pointing fingers, we must ask ourselves, what can I do?  What in my life needs to heal, be released, or incorporated back in? 

    What new life is budding within me that needs to come forth?

    We all have our own journey and yet collectively we're in this together. 

    Out of Love, not anger; unity, not division will we find our truths.

    So, as Spring blooms, bringing with it all possibilities for hope and change, I plant seeds, and carefully tend young plants, harvesting only what needs to be, and leaving most of it untouched. 

    Offering appreciation, respect, and gratitude to the earth, and plant spirits, and the keepers of the land is a way to live in harmony with all so that we all can heal.