• Peachalicious...and other late Spring adventures

    Peachalicious...and other late Spring adventures

    Well, we're officially in Summer, here in Austin, Texas....  It's been a heat wave, with numerous days of one hundred degree heat....  Between the pools, rivers, sprinklers, and birthday parties I have been hosting, I found that the heat has been getting to me lately, being a Mid-Atlantic girl, and I have been craving water, and cooler weather, just as the The Season is getting into full swing....

    I found myself needing, begging for, and politely requesting some peach leaves to bottle up as we head into our long, hot, and dry summer here in the Deep South....So, I gathered some peach leaf from some kind organic gardening neighbors.... I have also been growing and/or collecting Mimosa flower, mulberry, blackberry, Bee Balm, Mullein flowers, Roses, and you guessed it... Peaches!!

    As I bottled up my Mulberry Peach leaf Elixir to brew...I had more leaf...but I wanted the Peaches!  The ubiquitous Summer fruit, that grows here in Central Texas, has been alluding me because it is hard to come by organically grown.... But, I found an organic farmer who had some trees still producing within driving distance...and came home with 26 pounds of Peaches and Blackberries!!!  

    Enter Peach Leaf and Fruit Cordial (See Above).  This awesome brew will be available mid-summer, when my wanderings in the cooler lands are through, and I return home to August in Austin.  Can you tell I'm hot??  I must be carrying a baby around or something....

    Peach leaf is cooling, the all hands on deck of herbal remedies for the summer!  I hadn't made the effort to bottle it before, as I usually have Rose on hand, my favorite flower, and that usually will suffice for my overheating needs and that combined with Lavender, Aloe, and some Apple Cider Vinegar...my Apothecary needs are met.

    This year I am happy to expand into the land of the Peach!  It is cooling, mildly relaxing, moistening, and is traditionally used to help support the body with coughs, stomach upset, sensitive irritated skin, overheating and over excitement, and much much more.  Besides all of this, it tastes so delicious...and most of our harvest is simply being eaten...ripe, juicy peaches...fresh fruit in season...which equals perfection!! 

    My favorite image is of my one year old wandering around a peach farm eating a warm, fresh peach in pure bliss.  Becoming more aware of seasonal foods and medicine by far has been the most healing lifestyle change I have ever made...try it...you'll see what I mean, and you know, maybe you'll turn in to a farm groupie!!

    Stay tuned for our Summer Seasonal offerings...being bottled up as I type, well sort of, and ready to ship out this week!! Update on the product blog in a few days!!  I'm super excited about this season's offerings as I have (finally) gotten together for large production---my Herbal First Aid Kits/The Outdoor Mama's Best Friend... ready to roll including a super cute kit bag....