• Winter Blooms...a late Rose

    Winter Blooms...a late Rose

    Happy New Year!  We made it!

    This is the time of year when all I see on the net is related to cleanses, detoxes, and starting anew.  While it's fun to see what everyone else is doing, sometimes I laugh when I realize that it's just another day.  And I LOVE this time of year!!!

    You see, it's the meaning we put behind "a new YEAR" that makes all the difference.


    It's a chance to do something new.  To break a habit.  To make a change. To set goals to be realized. To cross off our list of last years accomplishments.

    It's a chance to begin again, a magical perception of Time that allows us to create something new.


    While I don't do any cleanses or detoxing until Spring, due to the fact that our bodies are in storage mode in the winter time, I LOVE using this creative energy of newness to plan, create, dream, plant seeds, and think about what I want to manifest in the upcoming year.  As a seed lies dormant in the frozen ground, waiting to sprout in the spring, we all can dream dreams to manifest in our futures.

    I typically use vision boards to do this, and have used them for years whenever I know I want to bring in something, but am not sure what it is...I use intuition and higher guidance to manifest what I am dreaming. Having a creative flair, images are a great way to express when we don't have the words in our awareness.

    It's also a creative way to manifest what we are dreaming. By seeing the images (I hang my boards where I can see them daily) we can bring into fruition what we hope to see in our lives.


    In my Winter Bliss Box this season, I have included a Vision Board Ritual in my two Rituals that I send to you with your Bliss Box.  I have posted it in my ritual section on my site, because I feel that they are so powerful, I wanted to share it with everyone.  Find the Vision Board Ritual here.  Check out my Bliss Boxes here.  Please also note that with this Bliss Box I am offering customized flower essences!!!! I'm so excited about this!


    Like the winter seeds ~ I am dreaming and planning, and comtemplating on starting anew

    (more about upcoming announcements and exciting changes coming soon!!)


    I am going to leave you with this amazing quote, it's actually pinned right above my screen, I have had it for 20 years, from when I was formally studying modern poetry....

    As I look outside at my rose bush, picture above, a late blooming rose cluster startles me from a sleepy winter landscape...for me, it ties back in the concept of time, and awakens me to our true manifesting abilities.

    From Theodore Roetke's  "A Walk in Late Summer"

    "A late rose ravages the casual eye,

    A blaze of being on a central stem.

    It lies upon us to undo the lie

    Of living merely in the realm of time.


    Happy New Year.