• Breathing in the Fall

    Breathing in the Fall

    Alright!! After an inspiring Summer where we got to spend time frolicking in the Appalachian mountains (cue Sound of Music theme song lol!) and lush forests, we took some time to regroup and refocus on what's working best for Love and Unity and our Customers!

    Sooo...more kits, packs, bliss boxes and bags!

    Check that link out here:

    Of note are the Postpartum Mama Packs for newly blessed Mamas, these include two special Mama rituals to help integrate this wonderful yet challenging time! These are also found locally at Pure Light Chiropractic!

    We also have our Seasonal Wellness offerings up and ready to roll: Fire Cider, Elderberry Syrup (see new size offerings), and Winter Wellness Elixir are Back!!

    A bunch of new teas are going to be added and organized in our "Teas" section.... Speaking of Seasonal Wellness, we will be at Whisper Valley on Saturday giving a quick class on Seasonal Wellness Strategies!


  • Summertime!!


    Hello Summer!

    I've been on the road for the last month testing this kit (after a few years of development)... and we have used and loved every product in this First Aid Kit!  

    Grab yours now, for use in the Summer, and all year round.  I never leave home without it, with three small kids, especially because we love being outside.

    Bumps, scrapes, bruises, rashes, bites, stings ain't no thang with this kit stashed in your pack or purse.

    Add in some bandaids, lemon balm tincture, duct/1st aid tape, and you're good to go!

    Check it out here!

    (and yes, those awesome Love and Unity kit bags ARE included!!)

  • Spring Offerings

    Spring Offerings

    Hello Spring!!  

    This season we are bringing in products that reflect the season: flowers! and healing tonics.  Spring transitions us from cold to warm... and then hot! Many changes occur on all levels, as it is a time for growth, manifistation, and connection.  What better time to bring more healing into our lives than now, especially with all of the social and cultural changes that we are experiencing collectively.  

    You can find our Current Offerings Here.  Descriptions of our offerings are below.

    Current Offerings:

    Open Heart Elixir: Stand in Your Light: This elixir is soft and gentle, and tastes like flowers!  Sweetened with raw local honey, with fresh plant extracts and flower essences. It is designed to gently help us shift into a more opened heart, standing in your own light healing. Rose is a gentle calming nervine, helping us settle into our daily rhythms with grace.  Energetically it invokes heart opening.  This elixir contains an extract and a flower essence of rose.  Other flower essences and extracts push us towards standing in our own light, heart healing, inner strength, and gentleness.

    Rose Green Tea: One of our favorites, Think super mellow green tea with rose sweetness. Green tea and Stinging Nettles with Rosa damascena.  Great hot or cold.

    Glowing Salt Scrub:  Our Salt Scrub is light and soft, with a flowery scent which lasts and uplifts the mind. Salt scrubs are great for exfoliating the skin and stimulating circulation. We've used only the best ingredients, organic and/or sustainably wildcrafted oils, organic essential oils, and dead and regular sea salts. Not for sensitive skin.

    Be Sweet Salve:  Our seasonal salve is sweet and gentle. Made with fresh plant infused oils, flower essences, organic base oils and butters. It is without essential oils so can be used by anyone safely. This is our warm season offering instead of the body butters which are popular but unfortunately melt in this Texas heat, or in your pocket! Organic and all natural ingredients only. Stored in amber glass for optimal safety and longetivity.

    Spring bliss box options: Glowing salt scrub, Open Heart Elixir, Be Sweet Salve (2 oz.), Dry Hand salve (1 or 2 oz.), Rose Green Tea, (1 or more), Elderberry Syrup (4 oz), Winter Wellness Elixir (2 or 4 oz.), Chaga Chai

    Available in Bliss Boxes only:

    3 Roots Syrup (Gentle digestive tonic which stimulates digestion and elimination containing: dandelion, yellow dock, and burdock roots with molassas) 2 oz.

    3 Roots Elixir: the syrup plus milk thistle seed tincture: liver loving tonic!! 2 oz.

    Cleavers Glycerite: great gentle lymph stimulator and cleansing agent for the urinary system. 1 oz.

    Spring Greens Vinegar: fresh spring greens infused in organic raw ACV (apple cider vinegar) which is mineral rich and a great way to get in those spring bitters! Great on salads, in a shrub, or just by the spoonful. 8 oz.

  • First Bliss Box!

    First Bliss Box!

    We are excited to be packing up our First Bliss Box!  This first one has some extra love and care put into it...as will all of our boxes going out for the rest of the month of February! This one has a tea filter and Porcelain Angel's wings...customized for the receiver's interests.    We also add a description of the products and how to use them, and a self care ritual! Made with love and care!

  • Winter Wellness Products

    Winter Wellness Products

    Welcome to our Winter Wellness Product Offerings!!  You may choose from these when ordering your Bliss Boxes.  Several of them are for sale individually in our store.

    Winter is the season that is cold and dry, and imbalances, lack of sunlight, and being in closer quarters with each other can make us more vulnerable to infection. Our offerings are designed to warm, moisten, and stimulate natural immunity to help bring us into balance this season!

    This month we have:

    • Winter Wellness Elixir is a delicious syrup made with several different syrups and juices into one! It contains: Shizandra berry syrup, Rosehip syrup, Ginger Succus (fresh juice preserved with Texas whiskey), and Tulsi infused honey.  Yes, it will rock your world!  Made with local honey, and Organic herbs. Keep refrigerated.  Shake and use within 6 months.
    • Elderberry Syrup, which even Doctors are now recommending for respiratory issues, but we herbalists have long known about Elderberry's uses.  Make sure you thank Grandmother Elderberry! Keep refrigerated.  Shake and use within 6 months.
    • Winter Sweet Sugar Scrub will gently scrub and exfoliate, leaving your skin with a moisture-rich finish as you step out of the shower. Organic brown sugar and Olive oil, along with organic and/or sustainably harvested Floracopeia essential oils!
    • Winter Wellness Tea is a great relaxing, mineral rich tea which soothing to the frazzled winter nerves: Organic Peppermint, Stinging Nettles, and Milky Oat Tops!  Hand Blended.
    • Fire Cider: an infused raw apple cider vinegar with garlic, horseradish, ginger, onion, chili pequin, rosemary, lavender, and lemon slices. Great for warding off a cold.  All organic.

    Not Pictured here:

    • Blissful Body Butter: Simple and designed for all skin types, pregnant, children, etc.  The original contains: Cocoa and Shea Butters, and Olive oil...all organic.... Now with Lavender and Rose options!!
    • Chaga Chai: a warming, immune building masala type chai with herbs instead of black tea: *Roasted Dandelion Root, *Chaga Mushroom, *Cinnamon, *Cardamom, and *Fennel Seed. Handblended with love! *Organic 
    • Dry Skin Hand Salve: This is not your ordinary hand salve, it contains the best of the best in terms of healing and renewing base and essential oils!  We just know you'll love it like we do!  Ingredients: sunflower oil, chickweed olive oil, lavender olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, essential oil synergy including Carrot seed and Frankincense oils*.

    * Remember that Organic and Sustainably Grown and Harvested ingredients are used in our products!  These are hand crafted in small batches!!