• Breathing in the Fall

    Breathing in the Fall

    Alright!! After an inspiring Summer where we got to spend time frolicking in the Appalachian mountains (cue Sound of Music theme song lol!) and lush forests, we took some time to regroup and refocus on what's working best for Love and Unity and our Customers!

    Sooo...more kits, packs, bliss boxes and bags!

    Check that link out here:

    Of note are the Postpartum Mama Packs for newly blessed Mamas, these include two special Mama rituals to help integrate this wonderful yet challenging time! These are also found locally at Pure Light Chiropractic!

    We also have our Seasonal Wellness offerings up and ready to roll: Fire Cider, Elderberry Syrup (see new size offerings), and Winter Wellness Elixir are Back!!

    A bunch of new teas are going to be added and organized in our "Teas" section.... Speaking of Seasonal Wellness, we will be at Whisper Valley on Saturday giving a quick class on Seasonal Wellness Strategies!