Self Care Rituals

At Love and Unity Wellness, self care rituals are at the core of what we do.  With every Bliss Box, we include a self care ritual for you to try and experience.  We are more than a product line...we want to help create a trusting relationship with you,  and help you create a deeper and loving relationship with yourself. 

Why?  Healing occurs on many levels, sometimes it is like peeling an onion.  Some healing occurs on the physical, but also on the emotional and spiritual bodies.  Self care rituals are like affirmations, and usually involve loving touch, to imprint the self care affirmation into your being.  They are very powerful ways to connect to yourself, to heal, and to love yourself.

When our hearts are opened, we feel it in our heart space/ heart chakra area.  To me, it feels like I'm breathing through my heart, it's open, not constricted.  It's softened, not hard and protected. These sensations allow me to breathe deeper, connect to my spirit energy, which brings me such joy and groundedness.  At times, if I have some emotions to work through, holding myself in a loving space without judgement allows me to love myself and then release the feelings that no longer serve me.

Over time, practiced daily, weekly, or monthly, they can become a ritual healing.  They are something to look forward to like a ceremony...but you don't have to wait for someone else to perform this healing ceremony for you... you can perform this for yourself at any time.

Self care is empowering, healing, and a way to deepen the relationship with yourself on your day to day journey.  These rituals are best done on a daily or weekly basis.  They are a chance to check in with yourself, take time just for you, and give you what you need most: loving attention.

* For some people, these rituals may bring up emotions that are difficult to process, but part of your healing. If you find yourself stuck in emotions that are negatively affecting you, we recommend seeking help from qualified professionals.*  If in the Austin area, we can make referrals to therapists, energy healers, and more.