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Custom Flower Essence Blend


Custom Flower Essence Blend
Flower essences are similar to homeopathic medicine, in that they are an essence derived from a (here a flower) without the overt medicine being extracted (like a tincture or alcohol extract).

They work on the emotional body and typically bring into balance whatever emotion you are trying to correct. While I usually add them to products, see my Be Sweet Salve, or Open Heart Elixir, I also like to craft blends for targeted support.

Making flower essences is definitely tapping into the plant spirit world, where reverence and plant connection are a language one learns to speak when asking for their energetic medicines.

Once purchased, I will contact you with some questions to craft your blend. It's as simple as that!! You will recieve a Customized 2 oz. bottle with your purchase.

I use hand crafted flower essences, and Bach flower essences in my blends.