Vision Boards

Part of our Winter Bliss Box are two rituals, one of which is a vision board ritual.  I am including it here for anyone to use because it's so powerful to use with intention, and because they're so easy to do!  

Self care to me means empowerment.  Feeling powerful over your own being, able to create what you want in your life, when you want it is true empowerment.  What better way to tap into your dreams, creativity than a vision board...I've used them for years, and they really work!

In the thumnail pic, the board on the left is from several years ago, right before I made the decision to formally study herbal medicine...notice the flowers EVERYWHERE, with lots of movement and action!  The one on the right, is the one I'm working on this Winter.... totally different looking.


Winter Dreams Vision Board Ritual

Vision Boards are a great way to get clear on where we are and what we want to manifest, especially great during the transition between dark and light and the New Year.

Find some time to take some deep breaths, or pray, or ask your higher self to help you connect with images and ideas for how to grow during the next (month/season/year).

Armed with old magazines and supplies let yourself be drawn to certain images and words, without thinking too much

Cut and assemble a collage of images and words and then see what you have created. Size does not matter here!!

Sometimes more than one is helpful to get your creative juices flowing.

Tools: card stock/poster paper/cardboard, scissors, glue stick, magazines, intuition!

Note: Sometimes I just cut the images/words and assemble, or sometimes I write certain themes on the cardstock/poster paper and then link the pictures with the themes....there is no wrong way to do it!!